Help and advice you can access during the pandemic

There is a great deal of information circulating in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic.  Here, we aim to share critical links and a summary of advice, which we hope you will find useful.

Much of the information available is online. Please consider any neighbours who may not be digitally literate and print this page if you suspect they would find it helpful. We can help with printing if necessary.

Phone lines are likely to be overwhelmed and websites will be the best first port of call, but if your neighbour needs support in this area, please offer to help by finding the relevant phone number if it is not provided here. Or call us and we can help. 

  • There is further information about COVID available on an NHS portal. The NHS are concerned people are not reporting ill-health as they are afraid or don’t want to be a burden, but please do call 111 for advice or 999 for emergencies in the usual way.

  • Wandsworth Age UK can offer help and will deliver food parcels

  • If you are struggling to pay for food please visit

  • Your local MP’s website has a range of useful information which aims to keep you up-to-date with measures being taken by the government. 

  • If your finances are affected please speak to your bank and creditors as soon as possible. Other useful telephone numbers below:

Housing benefit/council tax department on 020 8871 8081

Universal Credit telephone 0800 3285644 or

Department of Work and Pensions telephone 0800 7317898 

Please be aware that wait times may be long.

  • The following is an advocacy website that outlines the criteria for free school meals. If your circumstances change and you need to apply for free school meals, this website is a great source of advice.