Who are we?

Our Convent Management Committee would like to introduce themselves. If you haven’t done so yet, please come and meet us at the General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.).

Hi I’m Baz and am The Chair. I’ve have lived in Chesterton Close since 2008 and love the estate. I have a young family and work as a personal trainer. I love swimming in Tooting lido in the summer and taking the boat into town.


I am Farrokh Hessamian, living on the estate from 2007 with my wife and son. We love the calm and green atmosphere of the estate. I became member of the management committee to have a role in enhancing the quality of life. I believe our estate enjoy a unique position in developments going on in Wandsworth.

Hi, I’m Hadi. I live in Ericcson Close with my wife and children. I’ve been living here on and off since 2003. I consider it to be a lovely little place quietly tucked away from the busy town centre with a great community atmosphere. Oh and by the way, I’m not an estate agent! Whenever time allows, I enjoy motorcycling and photography as well as thinking about getting fit!

I’m Lucy, a committee member who’s lived on the estate with my family since 2014. I like walking my dog in Wandsworth Park.

Hi, I’m Maureen, devoted owner of Freddie, my Jack Russell Terrier. I have lived here since 2007 and like the friendly atmosphere on the estate. The trees and green spaces make it a very nice place to live.

Hello – I’m Janet, and have lived on the Estate for 30 years, so have seen a lot of changes, the best ones seeing the kids growing up and enjoying a nice, safe place to live. I’ve done a stint as Secretary, and now am the Treasurer on the Committee. I enjoy travelling (when work allows!), going to the gym in an attempt to keep fit, and generally socialising!

I’m Jane W and have lived in a flat here since 1999.  I love the trees and wildlife on the estate, am keen on the great outdoors, tend to cycle spend free time doing conservation work in Richmond Park and developing my  art.

Hi, I’m Monica.

Hi, I’m Diane.

Hi, I’m Jane A.

Hi, I’m Martin.

I’m Jane T. I’ve joined the Convent Management Committee in spring 2017.

Office Staff

Hi, I’m Lorraine. I have worked at Convent now for almost 18 years!!! During this time my hours have increased with a more demanding workload. I enjoy spending  time with my family and have a passion for travelling the world!