Council Tenant

Who am I?

  • I am a resident on the estate who has been allocated a home by Wandsworth Council.

What am I responsible for?

  • Paying rent to the Co-operative on time via standing order, rent payment book or bank transfer. Ensuring that you don’t go into arrears.
  • Paying water rates to Thames Water
  • Keeping bin sheds clean and hygienic
  • Keeping public areas clear
  • Being responsible for the upkeep of own gardens and balconies
  • Keeping drains clear
  • Report and necessary repairs to the estate office
  • Pets are permitted in line with tenancy conditions check here, or with the office for further details
  • Being a responsible and respectful estate member
  • Boiler repairs and heating – contact T. Brown Group – 0800 9778472 / 0208 394 1166

What is the Co-op responsible for?

  • Carrying out repairs to the property – e.g. leaks, electrical work, plumbing.
  • Upkeep of communal gardens and public spaces
  • Lighting within the blocks
  • Issuing estate parking permits
  • Collecting rents

What in Wandsworth Council responsible for?

  • Any major works – including roof / windows / fire-doors
  • Street lighting / trees / pavements
  • Road drainage
  • More information

How to get involved?