How to get involved?

A co-operative (co-op) is a different kind of estate. Our co-op is managed by individual members and our members get a chance to have a say in how we’re run.

You can share recommendations or ask about local services with other residents here.

If you are not a member yet but live on the estate as a tenant, leaseholder or freeholder, you can apply here:  Co-op Membership Application Form. (Please confirm via email at once you have completed this form.)

Your contribution is more than welcome. Regular participation in the General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) is great; if you’d like to join the Convent Management Committee – even better. If you’re interested but unsure, please feel free to contact our office. Maureen, our Chair, is more than happy to have a cup of tea and a chat about how things work and how you can be part of it.

Please send your apologies to the office when you are unable to attend any meetings in advance of the relevant meeting. Subject to change.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Date Time Description
Tuesday 23rd January 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 20th February 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 5th March 7.00pm General
Tuesday 23rd April 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 7th May 7.00pm General
Tuesday 9th July 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 16th July 7.00pm AGM
Tuesday 15th October 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 26th November 6.30pm Management
Tuesday 3th December 7:00pm General