Parking Permits

There is availability of two types of parking on the estate. One is provided by the Convent Co-op free of charge, the other is purchased from Wandsworth Council. It is the decision of each owner / tenant whether they choose to apply for one or both.

Estate Permit

The CV parking scheme (Resident & Visitors parking permits).
Each property on the estate is allocated one visitors parking permit free of charge. Up to four residents permits can be applied for. Estate permits are produced and can be applied for in the Convent Co-operative office onsite (15 Chesterton Close).

Click here for more information and how to apply for an Estate Permit (Forms downloaded must be submitted to the offsite onsite, not returned to Wandsworth Council)

Wandsworth Council Permit

The A2 parking scheme.
Each property has the facility of applying to the council for a permit at a fee.
Council permits need to be applied for directly with Wandsworth Council.

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