Recycling & Rubbish

Recycling & Rubbish

Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) are responsible for collecting rubbish. Please visit WBC’s website for more comprehensive information. The following is a summary:

Household Rubbish

  • Currently, rubbish is collected every Tuesday morning. Black bags must be placed in your allocated bin store area. Read more about how to bag your rubbish and what bags to use on the Wandsworth Borough Council website.
  • If your rubbish has not been collected, please file a complaint with the council here.

Household Recycling & Garden Waste

  • You can have up to five bags of compostable garden waste collected each week along with your other dustbin waste, this does not include Japanese Knotweed or any bulky garden waste items.

    Just place your sacks of garden waste beside any dustbins or other waste sacks for collection and they will collected at the same time. You do not have to use special garden waste sacks – any strong refuse sack is fine so long as it is tied and isn’t split. Read more from WBC here.

Bulky Refuse Collection

  • This service is provided by the Council for a small fee. Please refer to the WBC’s website for further details and to book a collection.

Wandsworth Household Waste Recycling Centre

  • Rubbish & recycling can also be taken to the nearby household waste recycling centre at Smugglers Way, London, SW18 1JS.
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm, Saturday 8am – 6pm and Sunday 8am – 5pm.
  • Please refer to Wandsworth Council Website for further and up to date information