June 2020 Newsletter

Thank you from the management committee

Life has been incredibly challenging for most of us during lockdown, and the Management Committee wanted to take this opportunity to thank all residents for the support, extra effort, and diligence everyone has displayed. If you require help or information, please check these pages where we have collated a list of potentially useful organisations for residents.

Do your hedges need a haircut?
Salons will open again soon but your hedges can be dealt with straight away! It is your responsibility to keep hedges on your property neat and tidy. If you haven’t done so already, please can you make sure any overgrown shrubbery is dealt with as soon as possible. Wandsworth Household Waste Recycling Centre has reopened and all cuttings should be stored in green bags for collection or else taken directly to Smugglers Way. Thank you for co-operation with this.

Keeping Co-op grounds presentable isn’t just about looks. We continue to battle with rats in and around litter bins. Please can you ensure your bins are kept as clean as possible by making sure to tie bags and using the dustbin lids. After collection, our contractors are required to make sure spillages are mopped up and items that get left behind are collected. Please keep an eye on this and report any missed collections to the Wandsworth Borough Council on 020 8871 8558 or by using the form on their website.

The co-op has continued to work during lockdown

Although the office has been closed over the last few weeks, we have not been idle. We were able to take advantage of the moment to upgrade some of our systems, ensuring management and maintenance is more efficient going forward. We also continued preparing Co-op accounts for a year-end audit. The AGM may need to be postponed in light of social distancing, however, we will continue to keep you informed as the situation evolves in the coming months. Life should get back to something approaching normal relatively soon. However, precautions will continue in order to keep people safe and well. With that in mind, please report any maintenance issues that need addressing to the office. If you have tested positive or are showing definite signs of COVID-19, it may not be possible to address immediately. If you are unwell, please continue to let us know if you believe your property need attention so we can carry out a risk assessment and keep contractors informed.

Bulky waste collection

If you have been having a good clear out in recent weeks, you may
have bulky waste to get rid of. You can book a collection through
Wandsworth council – visit www.wansdworth.gov.uk for information.
You can also donate your old property and some organisation
such as British Heart Foundation collect. Details are available on the
council’s website. You must not leave bulky items on the landing outside
your property or in the grounds as this is a fire hazard, provides habitat
for vermin and is an eyesore.

Thank you for keeping the Co-op grounds tidy, safe and clean.