Newsletter July 2020

After the previous newsletter was sent out, we were pleased to see how residents responded working to keep the estate tidy and clean. Thank you! Please continue to report missed collections to the Council, make sure your rubbish is securely placed in the appropriate place, and follow co-op guidelines. The council will not take bulky items on bin-collection day unless paid for – contact 0208 871 8558. Otherwise, you need to arrange for removal or take these to the dump yourself. Bin stores must be kept tidy and clean.

Trimming Down After Lockdown

Some of us may have put on a few pounds while stuck indoors. And naturally, we are keen to get out and about now that we can. While you’re exercising your own body and trimming down, please think about the overgrown hedges on your property and make sure they are also given a thorough workout.

It is your responsibility to maintain your hedges. Please ensure they are cut back and kept tidy. People should not have to walk around them to pass your property.


AGM in the time of Coronavirus

The council have informed us we may postpone this year’s AGM, due to have taken place in July.

Although lockdown is gradually being lifted, the danger to health has not gone away and we have been looking at ways to have the AGM safely. We must do this before the end of the year and currently have two plans in place.

Plan A: we will host the AGM simultaneously online and, as is usual, in the co-op meeting room. We have been using Zoom for committee meetings and will send invitations to residents to join the AGM, while those who prefer to attend in person can do so in the office. A member of staff will manage the digital meeting there and ensure all residents attending in person have their voices heard.

Plan B: If infection rates increase again, we won’t risk anyone’ s health and may only be able to offer digital access via Zoom. However, we are very aware that some residents may not be comfortable with this option. If you are worried about using Zoom, please let us know and we can arrange training. Please note: Zoom is available as a free app which you can use on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and which makes it possible for lots of people to communicate digitally.

Keep your estate tidy, safe and clean

We need your email address

In order to make sure you can attend future meetings, held either in part or solely online, we need residents’ emails addresses. Please complete the short survey (it will take two minutes), or simply email us at stating that you give us permission to send you updates. Please note: Convent Co-operative do not sell or give away your data and are fully compliant with GDPR directives.