October 2020 Newsletter

Autumn is upon us and we are lucky to have access to the estate’s green spaces and to be able to watch the seasons change. In fact, the community gardens, which Jane Wilkinson and volunteers have been working on will be appearing in Homelife very soon. Look out for your copy and we will be sure to share it online too.

As we are discussing the outdoors, we would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that feeding wild animals and birds on the estate is against co-op and WBC rules and encourages more pests onto the grounds, including rats. Please refrain from feeding squirrels, foxes or pigeons. Although these animals might appear harmless, large numbers of them are a health risk, as they carry diseases such as toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and salmonella. They also harbour fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. 

Please do not feed wild animals

Keeping the grounds pleasant for everyone takes effort and commitment. A number of residents volunteer for litter-picking, however, lately they have also been picking up after dog owners which they shouldn’t be required to do. We appreciate this may be people from outside the estate who use it to walk their animals, but please accept this reminder to ‘pick it up’. Dog-fouling owners are liable to fines of up to £100 and can be reported to dogcontrol@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Dogs should also be kept on leads at all times while being walked on the estate. This protects
residents and other pets too.


Please keep entrances and doorways clear

There have been complaints from residents about blocked doorways and entrances. This is especially difficult for people suffering from ill-health or those required to use walking aids. On bin-days, in particular, please be considerate about where you are placing extra bags or other items to be collected. In any case, at all times, blockages are a fire-hazard which is why the rules about this are so strict. We ask that residents abide by health and safety regulations, even when putting their rubbish out for collection. Do remember, the council will not collect large items and you must arrange for these to be removed yourself.



You may be feeling inundated with advice about COVID but we would like to remind you that there is a page on the Co-op website with links to a variety of useful organisations which include the local MP, information about foodbanks, advice about mental health services and more. Please take a look and if you know of any other helpful sites, let us know.

We need your email address

In order to make sure you can attend future meetings, held either in part or solely online, we need residents’ emails addresses. Please complete this short form (it will take two minutes), or simply email us at convent25@aol.com stating that you give us permission to send you updates. Please note: Convent Co-operative do not sell or give away your data and are fully compliant with GDPR directives.