February Newsletter 2021

Spring is arriving and so is our new family-friendly garden

After some truly horrible weather at the beginning of the month, many of us are probably grateful for the taste of spring we’ve been treated to recently. This is the perfect time to get going with the planned garden improvements which we wrote to you about last month. Works behind 2-38 Ericcson Close will begin on Monday 22nd February. During this time, and afterwards while the ground recovers and grass seed grows, the area, as indicated in the map to the right, will be out of bounds. The area will eventually open up again as a dog-free space, available to families and individuals wishing to spend time in it later this year. 

Once again, we wish to express our thanks to the council for the SIBS grant and consultancy support we received to help make this happen. 


Months of wet and cold weather have had an affect on all of us and the buildings are no exception. Condensation and mould have been an issue for some residents. There are plenty of things you can do to keep mould it bay, or prevent it from becoming a problem at all.

  • Heat your home moderately and consistently. Extreme temperatures either way are likely to make the problem worse. 
  • Open your windows regularly, especially when creating steam in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Using an old or disposable cloth, wipe excess moisture away from window sills in the morning and from surfaces, such as after boiling the kettle. 
  • If you have an extractor fan, make sure it’s switched on.
  • Dry clothes outside if possible.
  • Vacuum regularly.

If you already have mould in your property you should wipe it away while wearing rubber gloves and a mask so as not to breathe in spores. Do not spread the spores to other parts of the property and ideally, dispose of any cloths you’ve used.  Soapy water or a household cleaning product that is safe to apply to surfaces can be used. However, you can buy specialised products and also treat the area with a fungicidal spray to prevent further problems, but do continue with the suggestions above.

Planting bee-friendly seeds

This Spring, we would like to urge residents to plant bee-friendly seeds to help populations recover. Bees are under enormous threat, and without them, we will be left having to pollinate all the world’s plants ourselves. Seeds can be ordered online from various organisations promoting bee population welfare,  or purchased from local nurseries. Some organisations are even giving them away for free! The time to begin planting bee-saving seeds is from February but you can keep doing so all the way through the summer months. 

General Meeting March 2021

The next Convent Co-op General Meeting will be held on the 2nd March at 7pm. It will be held via Zoom and the details will be available on a separate agenda sheet. The link and password will be sent to residents. If anyone would like advice about using Zoom, please call the office.  

Please keep your estate clean and tidy