April Newsletter 2021

Spring Photography Competition: Spring has well and truly sprung, and after our enforced year-long hibernation, it is lovely to see everyone beginning to get out and about again, along with the blossom and greenery. Don’t miss our photography competition for Co-op residents and owners below. We hope you will take the opportunity to help us refresh the estate website and be in with a chance to win a prize!

Ivy: Recently, we have had to deal with less than helpful aspects of growth and flourishing on the estate. An ivy plant has destroyed one of the fences. If you have ivy in your garden, please make sure it is cut back and not allowed to grow into other people’s properties or over windows and doors. If you require advice or help with your ivy, please get in touch. Uncontrolled ivy growth causes damage to buildings and other plants and it is harder and more expensive to manage or remove once it’s out of easy reach.

Parking permits: We recently distributed visitor’s parking permits to everyone on the estate. Please make sure you have replaced the old ones with these new permits, as the blue ones are no longer valid. If you are a private tenant and don’t already have access to one, please contact your landlord.

General Meeting and become a shareholder: The next General Meeting will take place via Zoom on the 4th May 2021 at 6.30 pm. Please lookout for an agenda in your inbox, on the website or on block entrance notice boards. If you are not already a shareholder of the Co-op and would like to be, please get in touch with the office for an application form or download one directly from the website. Being a member allows you to vote and join a committee.

Please note: We hope to hold the AGM later in the year in the Co-op meeting room, although we may continue to host it on Zoom at the same time for those who find it easier to attend that way.

Drains & communal hall lights: It is incredibly important that drains on balconies are cleared out periodically. Properties beneath blocked drains are at risk and there have been several incidences of flooding recently. Please clear drains out and if you cannot find yours, get in touch with the office so we can come and show you where it is.

If a bulb in the communal area needs replacing, please write a note for the cleaners on the relevant sheet on the notice boards.

!!Co-op Photography Competition!!
Recently we have been updating the website and it’s come to our attention the gallery looks a little bare. We thought it would be fun to have a photography competition to brighten up the site. We may also use your photographs, credited of course, in these newsletters. Please send us images of the estate, close-ups of flowers, trees, sunsets, portraits – or whatever else you can think of that would be a welcome visual addition to our website. Children and grandchildren may send images in too.

Rules and guidelines.

If you photograph people, make sure you have their permission.

Do not show children’s faces or any other identifiers.

Do not include licence plates or images of people with their door numbers in the shot.

Please make sure the photographs aren’t too dark or over-exposed. On your phone, you can adjust the amount of light being recorded by pressing your finger on the screen while the camera is open and dragging up or down.

The competition is open to all Convent Co-op residents, including non-resident Convent Co-op owners, however, committee members are unable to claim the prize.

There will be no cash payment for use of your images on the Co-op website or in these newsletters, or in any other Co-op material.

All images will be added to a website competition page where residents will be able to vote for their favourite. Images will also be displayed in the office window and you can let us know your favourite in person too.

Deadline May 30th 2021 (*Extended 31st July 2021*)
Please send your photos along with your Convent Co-operative address for the chance to win a £25 voucher to a local store or business to