August Newsletter 2021

Photography competition winner!

Lily Netsova
Lily Netsova January 2021

We are pleased to announce that resident Lily Netsova has won the Convent Co-operative photography competition with her wintry landscape of the estate, taken in January this year. Lily explains that she was compelled to capture the scene as we so rarely have snow here, especially the stuff that settles. The winning photograph was chosen by Kamila Klidzia who manages nearby co-op, Totteridge House, and who very much enjoyed looking through the entries. We will use some of these images in future newsletters and on the website (credited to the photographer). Although the competition is over now, please do keep sending in your photographs which we would love to share with residents in our communications.

Calling green fingers – adopt a planter

Some of you may have noticed brand new planters on the estate, adjacent to No’s 38 and 40 Ericcson Close. These were paid for with a SIBS grant early in 2020 but any plans to fill them with compost and flowers had to be put on hold until recently. However, we were really pleased to be able to move them into their rightful positions and are currently in the process of buying flowers and shrubs. The planters will, however, benefit from a bit of special care; therefore, eager gardeners are being asked to adopt one or more to water and occasionally do some dead-heading and weeding. If this is something you would enjoy, please get in touch with the office to register your interest.

Accounts & Committee Membership

The Reconvened AGM took place on 13th July. It was a short and productive meeting, during which the 20-21 accounts, prepared by our auditor Keith Johnson were approved by shareholders attending. Signed copies are available from the office and an unsigned copy can be viewed here.

In line with Co-op rules, several committee members stood down in the run-up to the meeting but were nominated again and re-instated during the AGM. If anyone would like to be co-opted onto a committee or a sub-committee – please let the office know. Membership duties are, in the main, light and include attending hour-long meetings six times a year and contributing to discussions and decision-making processes about the Co-op. Members are also given opportunities to go on relevant training courses. Equally, if you are not a co-op shareholder and would like to be one, please complete this form and inform the office that you have done so.

Tree survey

Wandsworth Council are due to complete a tree survey on the Co-op grounds on the 27th of August. Any works pending will be completed shortly thereafter.

Parking Permits and Fines

Recently we’ve been made aware that some residents are still using the old blue permits. They or their visitors have received tickets from the Council for displaying the wrong permits. Please make sure you provide visitors with the new orange permits and throw away any out-of-date blue ones.

Finally…..a reminder about drains, bins and hedges

  • Please keep an eye on your drains – especially on balconies. We have had several instances of flooding and overflowing recently. Checking and clearing regularly will help to mitigate these maintenance issues.
  • As always, please ensure rubbish bags are firmly secured and that you use the correct sort. Rubbish collectors will not attend to overflowing bin-sheds and these must be kept in a sanitory condition to avoid rodent infestations.
  • If you have a hedge on your property, please ensure they are trimmed so that people using the pavements can move past easily.