February 2023 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe we are already into the second month of 2023! Nevertheless, the Management Committee wishes all residents a belated Happy New Year. We have lots of plans for the months ahead and hope that as many residents as possible can get involved or contribute in some way.

We are really looking forward to the Coronation in May, an event that offers all residents, regardless of the wide range of feelings around the monarchy, a moment to have fun and strengthen community ties. The Palace has some excellent suggestions that are aimed at creating a sense of well-being and social togetherness, which we fully support. We enjoyed the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last summer and would love to see something similar. However, a very small team of committee members led by Maureen Poole was responsible for organising the day, and turnout was limited – although those who attended reportedly had a brilliant time! And we have some lovely letters of thanks from those who did join in. But, as many people will understandably choose to go away over the long weekend, we want to find out how many residents are interested in attending any Co-op Coronation-related events. We have created an anonymous survey (fill it in online via the newsletter email or use the paper version delivered through your door). The survey should take less than three minutes to complete, and aims to discover how many residents are interested in joining in over the weekend or would be available to help with organisation, if necessary. You can also visit the Palace
website to read more about the suggestions for celebrating here:

WE NEED YOU! Block monitors
Would you be interested in volunteering to change the timer on the block lighting as the seasons shift for your block? The staff in the office change the timers throughout the year. However, residents who live on the estate are better placed to know when the timers need adjusting. It would be useful to have volunteers who can make the changes in one or two blocks. That way the lights will come on when you need them, and we are more likely to save money and energy too. If you are willing and interested in helping to save the estate money and reduce our carbon footprint, please contact the office.

Block Lighting Sensors
To reduce the cost of energy, we have also begun fitting sensors to the lights outside the blocks. We aim to do this across the estate and then begin on the inside lights too. If you notice the lights have changed the way they are working in your block, do let us know how you feel about the sensors. Equally, if things don’t work as well as expected, get in touch. We want to hear from you.

General Meeting
Please note the date of the General Meeting is 7th March 2023 at 7 pm. We will be running a raffle at the meeting and you could win a £20 voucher just for turning up! All residents, including private tenants, are welcome and can make suggestions, but only Co-op shareholders may vote on any resolutions. If you are a tenant or lease/freeholder and are not a Co-op shareholder, please complete an application form available (see below) or as old-fashioned paper from the office, if you prefer. Shares only cost £1.

Our membership numbers are lower than they have been for a while and it’s vital we recruit new members if we are to maintain our status as a Co-op (with lower-than-average service charges). We are also keen to recruit more committee members. Please get in touch. You are bound to have something great to offer your community, from life experience to specific skills. Don’t underestimate your potential contribution. Or perhaps your CV would benefit from the experience and community commitment. You may even have fun! There are five Management Meetings a year and occasional sub-committees. Meetings are held online, in person, or as hybrids, depending on committee preference.

Meeting Dates

Tuesday 24th January6.30pmManagement
Tuesday 21st February6.30pmManagement
Tuesday 7th March7.00pmGeneral
Tuesday 25th April6.30pmManagement
Tuesday 9th May7.00pmGeneral
Tuesday 4th July6.30pmManagement
Tuesday 11th July7.00pmAGM
Tuesday 17th October6.30pmManagement
Tuesday 5th December7.00pmGeneral
These dates may change. Please keep an eye on newsletters, notifications, and the website.

Shareholder Application Form

Complete an online application here to become a shareholder. Applicants must be council tenants or lease/freeholder owners. We cannot accept private tenants at this time but all Co-op residents are welcome to attend meetings and join events.

Photograph by Jane Wilkinson

Committee Member Interview

Lydia Thompson joined the committee in 2022 after the AGM but has lived here since 2011. She loves the peace and sense of community on the estate, and she wanted to be involved in making sure the Co-op stays that way. Or even improves. Lydia has an abundance of voluntary experience and has committed a good deal of time to helping others. Before the pandemic, she often arranged for surplus produce from local supermarkets to be shared amongst the community, not only reducing waste but supporting those who might have been struggling financially. Lydia would like to see more activities aimed at increasing well-being, such as social gatherings, Swap Shops, Bring and Mends, or skills classes. Anything to bring about harmony and friendship. Committee members are really pleased to have Lydia aboard.


Our resident gardener and committee member Jane Wilkinson was recently given an informative tour of the local recycling plant, Smuggler’s Way. The operators were keen to share how vital it is to follow some basic tips when organising your recycling because when we don’t follow them, dirty or inappropriate items end up contaminating the process which results in it all going to landfill.

Here are just a few points but you can find out more at https://londonrecycles.co.uk/local-recycling/. Just click on Recycling at home and add your postcode.

  • The only plastic the plant can recycle is rigid plastic in the form of plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, tubs, and trays.
  • Plastic film lids, polythene bags, crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, and anything flimsy can’t be recycled.
  • NB Food containers must be as clean as possible otherwise it contaminates all the other bag contents including other people’s recycling (all on a massive conveyor belt) which then has to be ditched.
  • No tin/aluminum foil and containers made from it. Polystyrene, including takeaway food containers.
  • No shredded paper
  • No takeaway coffee cups. Most have an invisible plastic lining which makes it very hard to separate the materials.
  • NB Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s have collection points for all types of plastic bags.