March 2024 Newsletter

The garden behind 2-28 Ericcson Close, affectionately known by some residents as the Secret Garden has been resting for some time. As the ground was in very poor condition, this extended period has been good for the space. However, work will shortly begin and we look forward to opening it up soon.

We have purchased a park-bench so people visiting will be able to sit down and relax in the area.

The door will have a combination lock and those wanting to use the space will be able to request the code from the office. 

The garden will be strictly off-limits to dogs and other pets. 

We are very keen for this space to be a gentle, harmonious environment where everyone feels welcome. However, we are especially keen for families with young children to think of the space as a safe, welcoming and enjoyable location. 

Please refrain from feeding pigeons in or near the garden as their excessive  population is partly responsible for the degraded state of that corner of the estate in the past

Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer and help with the gardening/lawn laying.


Please can all residents identify where the stop cock is on their property. In an emergency, this ensures that the mains water can be turned off. If you require any further advice, please contact the office. If you wish to register the location of your stopcock, please do so here, otherwise call the office. 

Since the previous newsletter, two General Meetings have occurred, one in December and one in March. In December, Maureen Poole was introduced as the new Chair, following Monica Meighan’s retirement. Maureen thanked Monica for all her hard work and dedication, not only in the role of Chair but throughout her time living here. Monica will remain on the Management Committee and sub-committees and continues to be an active staff co-ordinator.

It was great to go ahead with the General Meeting on the 12th of March 2024 without reconvening due to low numbers for the first time in ages. Thank you to those who were able to attend. The following is the Chair’s Report from March. The December Chair’s Report is available in the relevant Minutes.

  • We are currently upgrading the bulbs in the 24-hour emergency lighting in each of the blocks. This should help reduce energy costs and is better for the environment. Members of the committee are in talks with a representative from the council about replacing the entire block-lighting system with one that is more energy efficient. He has suggested that local Co-ops embark on this as a group project to keep costs down. We aim to switch to a system that comes on when people need it rather than stay on for long stretches at a time. However, we are legally obliged to have some 24-hour emergency lighting, according to the Fire Assessment legislation, and so that will be included in any plans.
  • The application to amend the rule to bring down the quorum for General Meetings to 10 from fifteen has been submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Finally, we will be going to tender for the Accountants and Auditor roles.

Many of us love our four-legged friends. They are wonderful companions and bring those of us who get on with dogs a lot of joy. However, responsible owners usually clear up after their pets. 

Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible. And a few residents have been picking up after others – some of whom live on the estate, as well as those who use it as a thoroughfare. 

Please pick after your dogs. Please take the dog bags away with you and dispose of them in an appropriate bin provided by the council in parks or your bin bags at home. 

You can download a PDF with a full list of DOG Byelaws here:

Here is an edited list: 

Allowing dogs to foul on the grass areas is a breach of bylaws. Owners risk a ‘dog ban’ if they do not adhere to this law.

If residents persist in ignoring their agreements and the bylaws, permission for them to keep a pet on the estate can be withdrawn. 

If residents witness anyone breaching these laws, please report the offenders to Wandsworth Borough Council Dog Patrol.

During the December General Meeting, residents asked if it is possible to appoint Block Representatives. These representatives would be responsible for altering the lighting times as the seasons change. They might also keep an eye on the landings and bin-shed areas and report any concerns to the office. If this is something that interests you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office and we can set up a group. 

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Check out the Meeting dates for the rest of the year. Pop them in your diary, and come along to meet your neighbours. *ALL residents are welcome!

*Although we are keen to include all residents, only Co-op shareholders may vote. However, everyone can contribute ideas and concerns.