December 2022 Newsletter


Rubbish will be collected on the same day as usual, and old Christmas trees (not artificial) will be collected for free by the Council during the first two weeks of January. If you plan to dispose of it sooner or miss the collection, please deliver it to Smugglers Way Centre. All decorations and pots must be removed. 

Christmas Office Opening Hours and Emergency Numbers

Office staff will be available until 12.30 pm on 24th December 2022 either in the office or via phone on 07956 866315 or via email at

The office will open again on 3rd January 2023.

Outside of these hours and ONLY in emergencies, please contact WBC Patrol on 0208 8871 7490.

For hot water and heating repairs, contact T Brown directly on 0800 977 8472 / 0208 394 1166 (WBC tenants only).


  • All works in connection with the recent Fire Risk Assessment have been completed except for the survey of leaseholders’ front doors. This is booked for the 12th of January 2023. Leaseholders will be sent a letter with details in due course.
  • The new cleaners have started. There are some teething problems, but they will be monitored closely.
  • We have recently had two Void properties. One has been re-let and the second will be soon.
  • The Wandsworth Resident Participation Officer Siobhan Crombie resigned at the end of September. There is no sign of a replacement.
  • Pigeons and rodents continue to cause distress to residents. Please inform the office if you see anybody feeding vermin.
  • I will be meeting a local councillor to address the state of the pavements in the new year.
  • The Co-op has recently updated its Complaints Policy bringing it in line with Wandsworth Council. You can see the updated version on our website. Please be aware, anonymous complaints cannot be dealt with.

Rats, squirrels, and pigeons


Last month, we had to employ pest controllers after rats were repeatedly seen near one of the bin shed areas. The contractors who attended sent images of rubbish bags and food that had been left out, rather than stored securely in the sheds. This encourages vermin to congregate and breed. Please be especially careful of rubbish and excess food over the holiday period. Put rubbish in securely closed bags inside bins with the lids on. Do not encourage pests by feeding pigeons or squirrels. The cost of dealing with vermin is added to the overall service charge, so it is in everybody’s interest to follow these precautions and report problems as soon as possible.

Dog By-laws

Please be aware of Wandsworth Council dog by-laws:

  • It is an offense to let your dog foul the footpath next to any public road. You can be fined up to £2,500
  • If your dog fouls in a park or an open space, you must use a poop-scoop
  • You can report fouling to the council here.

In addition, the Co-op’s volunteer litter pickers are finding more and more bags that have not been disposed of properly. Please make sure you place your dog bags in bins or take them home with you. Do not leave them on the street for others to deal with.

The Convent Co-operative Management Committee wishes everyone a restful Christmas break and a Happy New Year!