June 2023 Newsletter

The Coronation Street Party on the 8th of May was a lovely event and the committee would like to thank everyone who attended. It was super to see our community coming together. As well as being a lot of fun, we were so pleased to see established Co-op members encouraging newer residents to get involved. The rewards were evident when a few days later we had a flurry of new members signing up and a few offering to join the committee. We would love to see even more members and committee participation increase, as that will ensure the Co-op can remain a Co-op.

Co-op Benefits

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, member engagement is precariously low. This downturn was notable before the pandemic, however, that seems to have accelerated the trend, perhaps due to our inability to organise any events at all. It may be useful to remind ourselves of the advantages of remaining a co-op, as opposed to handing back control of the estate to the council in its entirety. It is relatively well-documented in the media that the pandemic has had an impact on people’s willingness to go out and engage in the wider world. And that this is not great for individual and community well-being. We believe that Co-op membership and engagement can do something to counter that. And so we urge those who are not members to sign up – it only costs £1 to be a shareholder – to attend General Meetings, and to join the management committee if they can. The current rules state that tenants in private rentals are unable to buy shares or join committees. However, we very much welcome all residents at General Meetings and social events too.

Co-ops like Convent often

manage their housing more

effectively than their landlord.

Their performance matches

the top 25% of local councils

in England. This better

performance covers repairs, relets,

rent collection, and tenant

satisfaction. Being on the spot,

and aware of local knowledge,

they tend to act sooner and

more effectively when dealing

with tenancy management

problems. They can get involved

in community activities and

play an important part in

neighbourhood regeneration.

And finally, they can increase

community spirit and ultimately

improve quality of life. .

from the WBC Induction Pack for
Co-op committee members)

General Meeting and Chairs Report

The second General Meeting of the year was reconvened on the 16th of May. Our regular gardening contractors Garden and Grounds were voted as the favoured supplier. We look forward to continuing the easy relationship, we have with Paul and his team. The draft budget for 2023-2024 was signed off unanimously. Overall, costs have increased marginally, which given the current climate and exponential rise in energy prices, is great news. The management committee voted to give control of cyclical external decorations for the estate back to the council as this was seen as a more practical and cost-effective way of planning and budgeting.

The Chair’s report included the following news:

The problem of pigeons gathering on the estate in large numbers has been taken up by the council who have instigated proceedings to stop residents from feeding them. We hope this issue will be resolved soon. Unfortunately, there has been no response from WBC about the pavements. Residents should lodge complaints on the WBC website. The Co-op office’s external decorations have been completed. Trees have been planted on the estate to honour the Queen’s Jubilee and the new King. And an internal audit will commence in June.

Finally, there is a void property after long-standing resident and Co-op member Diane Doyle passed away. The Chair paid respects and noted the effort and time Diane had given to the Co-op. Diane’s energy and commitment to the Co-op will be sorely missed.

Monica Meighan also announced she will be standing down as Chair and so that position needs to be filled.


There have been more drain blockages than usual lately. We would like to remind residents to be extra careful about what they put down the toilet and sinks. Nothing but loo roll should be flushed in the toilet. Fat should never be poured down the drain. Every time we have to call someone out to clear the drains, a cost is added to the service charge.

Dog bags and leads

Dog owners are reminded to take care of their pets responsibly. We have noticed an increased incidence of dog faeces being left behind. Please clear up after your dog and throw the bags away. Please do not leave dog leave bags by the side of the road or near bushes hoping someone else will pick them up. We have also had several reports of dogs being off leads. This is not allowed and is a breach of tenancy agreements. Large dogs have been chasing and scaring young children and vulnerable people. If you see this happen, you should report dog control issues to the council. Please visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/ and search ‘Dogs and dog control”.

Remaining Meeting Schedule 2023

Tuesday 4th July 6.30 pm Management

Tuesday 11th July 7.00 pm AGM

Tuesday 17th Oct. 6.30 pm Management

Tuesday 5th Dec. 7.00 pm General